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Combs Consulting


Jon Wayne Service Company

Oak Hills Pest Control

Vertical Jet Sales

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SA Roof Fix

Tex Star Power

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Ferris Orthodontics

World Karate

 Leader of the Pack 

Brent and Karen Audette

Joe Bays

Chris and Courtney Bruce​

David and Oria Cloutier

Matt and Jamie Cooper

Joe and Sara Domine

Michael and Stephanie Fox

Amy Gonzales

Hicks Family
Matthew Pearson and Maryanna Pearson

Damien and Michelle Pechacek

Benjamin and Kelly Stahl

Danny and Victoria Styles

 Winners CirclE

Brian and Tobi Baize

Jeff and Jenn Daniel

Gosdin Family

Jennifer Hendricks-Hernandez

Derek and Susan Naiser

Chad and Rachel Naylor

James Patton

Ostrander Family

Noah and JR Oviedo

Mickey and Cara Perez

David and Kerry Phillip

 Top Dog 

David and Jennifer Brock

Neal and Katherine Graves

Hankins Family

Scott and Renee King

Blake and Jennifer McCarter

Lath and Jamie Middleton

Gary and Amy Nicholls

Jon and Jamie Opielski

Mark and Jenny Snelling

Chris and Lauren Spaulding

 Greyhound Front Runner 

Jennifer Agarwal

Sharon Clingman

Avery Currie

Sarah Davis

Delma Flores
Sara Hill

Barret Kolle

Bill and Kay Merrell

Eddie and Tammy Onofre

Jennifer Spencer

Molly Walters
Michele Van Stavern


The Chappell's 

Karl & Jenny Christianson

Steve Coronado

Rebecca Dayoc

Jake & Loriana Decker

Tristin Durham

Lisa and Merle Harris

Katherine Harrison

Lindsey Hendrix

Anne Herman

Wes Holland

Stephen & Gayna Johnson

Emily Kacyvenski

Scott Kenney

Jaime Langer

Regis and Amy Mackrell

Todd McLeod

Joel Murphy

Amy Nicholls

Jeff Parsons

Tobi Perez

Glenn Richter

Julie Scheidt

Kristi Schmidt

Kristen Shill

Jennifer Spicer

Leah Thompson

Shannon Tonroy

Eric Vickery

Suzanne Whidbee

Susan and Werner Wieboldt

Quad Young