Jodie Koth

Koth 2020.jpg

Hi, my name is Jodie Koth - I'm currently in my second year at Boerne High School! I spend my first 21 years of teaching in Northside ISD in Sa. At BHS I'm one of the Business Teachers and the Head Tennis Coach. I feel privileged to work in BISD & love being part of the Greyhound family.  

I was born and raised in Brisbane, Qld Australia until I was 16 years old.  I moved to Texas in 1990 as junior and graduated from Axtell HS outside of Waco.  My inspiration to coach was ignited from two main things.  My tennis family & my high school Cross Country/Tennis Coach (Lori Kelley) both pictured above.  Both things pushed me to be where I am today. I have played tennis over 35 years.  My dad was my main coach as a junior, both my sisters also played D1 College Tennis and were trained by my dad too.  I married my college sweetheart who was my college teammate on the tennis team at Southwest State University in San Marcos.  My husband's brother played D1 college tennis and they were both trained by their father who was an elite tennis Pro his whole life.  Tennis was always going to be a big part of my life in some capacity.  But when I met Lori Kelly my Cross Country & Tennis Coach at Axtel HS my purpose and goal for my future was realized.  Coach Kelley was my inspiration!  She is/was so motivated, passionate, knowledgeable, and lived what she preached.  I respected her so much and she had a way to push us to unreachable limits.  She loved her job and today at age 54 she is still touching people's lives through coaching her athletes at Groesbeck HS & running a Bootcamp in her community for families.  I knew that would love that type of job.

My tennis coaching career started back in 1998 - 2001 at John Marshall HS as the head Coach.  Straight out of college I was fortunate to jump right in.  I loved it!  At the end of my third year, I stop coaching to have my first son Ryan and help raise a family.  I remained teaching and didn't resume coaching at the HS level again until Ryan was a senior in high school.  I channel my tennis coaching to my own children and a little on the side at SA Tennis Academy and Northside Tennis Center as an instructor.  In the fall of 2019, the stars aligned, and I finished out Ryan's last year of High Schools as the BHS Tennis Coach.  My global purpose for pushing to come back to coaching was to challenge my youngest son Justin to reach his full potential.  He is just a freshman this year and played number 1 singles and doubles for our team. His older brother Ryan set the bar high during his BHS Tennis career as picture above with all the medal around his neck.  I believe Justin has the potential to lift our team and earn many individual honors representing BHS Tennis also.  I knew what an amazing opportunity it was to coach in this amazing community.  In addition, our program has two of the best coaches in BISD to work alongside me.  My assistant coaches - Coach Ruede & Coach Pettibon they are icons in our community.  What an amazing formular - great community, athletes, parents, and coaches.  This is a recipe for greatness at the 4A level.  I'm so thankful to be here.

Lastly, my favorite coaching moment came on Nov. 11th 2020 when our team won our region and qualified for the State Tournament.  Our reaction says it all (pictured above)!  I can't describe how proud I was of our team!  And I can't describe how amazing it was to watch our community pull together and support us.  Coach Kelley pushed me to what seemed like an unreachable limit.  And when you achieve that goal there is not a better feeling in the world!  This was one of those accomplishments!