Thank you to all who help support the Greyhound Athletic Booster Club!


Combes Consulting
Top Dog

Oak Hills Pest Control

Purple Sponsor

Ferris Orthodontics

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 Leader of the Pack 

Matthew and Maryanna Pearson

Ron and Rachel Edwards

Michael and Stephanie Fox

Brad and Julie Waibel

James Patton
Amy Gonzales
Glen and Amy Boehm

 Winners CirclE

Benjamin and Kelly Stahl

David and Kerry Phillip

Victoria Styles

Travis and Heather Harper

Derek and Susan Naiser

Chris and Courtney Bruce
Danny and Victoria Styles

Damian and Michelle Pechacek

Chris and Bethany Hoegemeyer

David and Kim Brown

Glen and Lisa Moore

Jeff and Jenn Daniel 

Brian and Tobi Baize

 Top Dog 

Prytime Medical

Sharon Clingman

Erin Tamplet

John and Kerry Green

Amanda Marshall

Austin and Alicia Campbell

Blake and Jennifer McCarter

Neal and Katherine Graves

Chad and Angela Brunott

David and Oria Cloutier

 Greyhound Front Runner 

Bill and Kay Merrell

Richard and Traci Hettie

Eddie and Tammy Onofre

Kimberley Jones 

Lynn and Kimberly Chumbley
Many and Mike Jones
Jennifer Agarwal

Jay Parker

Kevin and Sarah Thompson

Molly Walters

TJ Neal
Lorin Theiss
Christopher Schwope


Keith and Patti Johnson

Julie Scheidt

John and Sherry Michalec

Lisa McLaughlin

Aaron and Jennifer Wylie

Leigh Ann Kenney

Max Simpson

Kent and Brooke Arnott

Matt Murphey

Patrick Klar
Brad and Kristin Shill
Marshay and Greg Wolff
Tiffany Terrell

Amy Nichols

Amy Ruede

Sara Domine

Andrew Pape

Kim and Brandt Klutz

Jade Hoever

Jamie Middleton 

Lisa and Merle 

Karla Ellis

Lindsey French

Chris Stewart

Brac Wardlaw

Jeanette Murphy
Sandra Valez
Dawn Allen
Melissa Griffith
Frank Addington

Jennifer and David Brock 

Ashley Maytum

Tristin Durham