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Dear Former Boerne High School Student Athletes and Student Athletic Trainers, 

Please join us as we Play A-Part Together to stay connected, engaged and involved with Boerne High School Athletics. Whether you participated one season, one game, one quarter, or one minute, a Greyhound you will always be.  We invite you to Back the Pack and support the Greyhounds.  When you “suit up” and join the alumni team, you will make a direct impact on more than 350 student-athletes who proudly represent Boerne High School on the field of competition and in the classroom. Each accomplishment is a testament to those who invest in their success. 

We invite you to look back at what gave you pride when you put on the purple and white, but also look ahead and inspire others who will be in your shoes one day too! GO GREYHOUNDS! 

Stan Leech, BISD Athletic Director 

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